10 Diet and Fitness Myths

Diet and Fitness Myths

Experts reveal some errors in the diet programs that cause your weight would not go down. And through their research, these myths are the cause:

Myth 1: Eating at night makes fat

Fact: Actually, eating at night was not the main cause of a person’s obesity. After all, the day we also had a lot of potential to be fat with food that we eat. If you eat that are not controlled, the course will make you fat.

Joni Rampolla, RD, Director of Nutrition and Wellness, as quoted from Shine, said the calories contained in the dinner will be used the next day (and worn while sleeping). And no one forbids you to dinner; you are only advised to choose a variety of menus the calorie content of less than 200.

Myth 2: Hunger is a sign the body needs to eat

Fact: It is not always the case since most of the false hunger signals and it is caused by dehydration of the body, tired, and need to sleep, so as to create a signal that you are hungry and need food.

Myth 3: Lose weight, is much more difficult than to defend it

Fact: Much more difficult to maintain one’s weight rather than reduce it. Lowering it easy, but making the numbers on the scales are in balance and not rise again, it is difficult. It takes extra hard work and discipline to get the ideal body weight over time.

Myth 4: Exercise only makes the body tired

Fact: It is the muscles get tired, but the exercise we also improve mood and energy. In addition, benefits can also provide relaxation, makes you sleep better and help manage stress.

Myth 5: The sport that takes a long time

The fact is: If you do not have much time to exercise, just steal 10-15 minutes of your time each day. Do exercise on a regular basis over time, and you can still reap the benefits really.

Myth 6: Training on lower body weight will make the foot stronger in no time

The fact is: Do not expect that everything will be obtained instantly. Because it has a strong healthy body and that it was not short. You also have to stay disciplined to practice so that the results will gradually take shape.

Myth 7: The body needs carbohydrates, especially during heavy work

Fact: Not all sources of energy derived from carbohydrates. Proteins, also including energy resources, as well as calcium. The difference is much needed muscle protein, while the calcium in bones. So when you eat, make sure the portions are adequate and not excessive carbohydrate consumption.

Myth 8: Lift weights to make the body so large

The reality: Especially if you are a woman, then the body will not necessarily be great just because you lift weights diligently. Primarily, it’s lifting weights helps to build muscle, and may indeed be part of the training will look firmer and more contained. But will not turn you into such a big Hulk ;)

Myth 9: The trim can be obtained only with a detox

Fact: Your body is actually smart enough to adapt, so too do the daily body detox. Some people may believe that fruit juice therapy can help to eliminate toxins in the body, but not with the trim. Achieve ideal body weight and shape needed discipline in diet and exercise, rather than just drinking juice.

Myth # 10: That carbohydrate is the enemy when dieting!

The fact is: The body still needs carbohydrates; only portions are not as many of your habits now. Carbohydrates are not the enemy for us, but it is one source of energy should still be there. We just simply outsmart a set amount such that the intake is not excessive in number.

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