10 Main Causes of Anger at Office

Causes of Anger

A survey conducted by a career website in the UK found 10 major causes of anger in the workplace.

1. Poor Management:
For example: the staff were told to do something wrong, an arbitrary command, which always criticizes subordinates superiors, subordinates who feel so much better than the boss.

2. Unfair treatment:
For example: other staff doing the same job with higher salary, no sanctions for staff who violate the rules.

3. The lack of growth opportunities.
Workers were promised a raise, promotion or important project, but it never happened.

4. Not appreciated.
Workers do not get a reward for good performance.

5. Overload:
Workers were unable to follow the target of the boss, because the target is too high.

6. Computer Problem:
For example: a slow Internet connection, computer specs are outdated and not as needed.

7. Coworkers who are not honest

8. Men are less capable

9. Coworkers who are not polite or rude behavior

10.Superior who abused his power (Cosmo / bee)

Source: Cosmopolitan, January 2011 Edition, p. 214

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