11 Important Questions before Publishing Blog Articles

Important Questions before Published Blog Articles

How many buddies edit a post / article blog after publishing it? I’ve faced similar problems and there are many causes: spelling error, the offense link that is written, confusing material, the wrong keyword, the less titles and so forth.

As experienced, man must post back and forth to open the editor and do editing on these cases. Exhausting, inefficient, and sometimes make irritated and lazy to edit it. Like the man, I have experienced similar things. Then I tricked by making a checklist, list the things I need to do before publishing. Dude it could make it. On the basis of the list at personal questions that I have already compiled as an important point before publishing a blog article follows:

1. What I have read article after writing it down?
As simple as the question is, many people who do not read the article that was written and publish it directly. Read the article first before reading other people is very important. We need to know the article that we write from the standpoint of the reader. What arguments are solid? Are the points you are missing? What about the impact of the captured? and so on. To view the article as a whole look like as it was published, use the feature “Preview” or “Preview” in the post editor.

2. What the article is as complete as possible as expected?
If you want to get traffic / readers and backlinks as possible, make sure the article was completely full. After doing the first level of checking, check again whether man can add another point or another explanation that has not been in-cover. To complement the article, we can cover all needs of readers who need clarification on a number of discrepant points. For example, if you write a software review article; see if there are important points are missed. For example, how the system requirements, the CPU resource are needed, the effect is negative, l compatible with windows 7? etc.. People who find an article from several sides tend to like and even to use the article quality is the source to be linked.

3. What I have done the analysis of relevant keywords?
Keyword is an important aspect that shows the relevance of content, both for readers and search engines. Keywords that are relevant and sought-after are keywords that are often used people. First, since people are so easy to understand the post. Second, search engine optimization helps disabled (SEO). Remember I am not talking about using the keyword as much as possible (spamming), but the keywords that are relevant and are highly sought after. For example, if a man wrote an article about computer games, are harder to get traffic from readers who use the keyword “computer game” rather than using the keyword “computer games”. Although the first is the term Asia is good and true, is not necessarily cause a massive traffic from Indonesia.

4. What are the titles of postings that have been optimized in such a way?
Title is the first and foremost a writing. Even more important than the contents of the article because if the title failed to attract the reader’s attention, could arguably have failed to prove what substance is expressed by the title. Make sure the title has a strong relevance, provocative, and have an emotional power that can attract readers to see the contents of blog posts with a high spirit.

5. What I have read once again (again)?
I know at this point the initial query was done. But this time the focus on writing the final product (proofread). Prove once again that all things have been completed in such a way. Focus on grammar, spelling, sentence, paragraph, etc.. There is a trick that I used to test the post at this level: reading an article from back to front (really quite weird: p) or read the speech. Both will make a man to focus on each of the words to make them easier to find the error.

6. Do I have to link the link to the post-post long (internal linking)?
Link to link to other posts / long (internal linking) is very useful for readers and search engine robots. First, to help readers explore and get the complete reference on a matter of messages in the archive of old. Secondly, search engine robots can easily and efficiently perform crawling (crawling) and understanding of content as well as help potential SEO content. Previously published articles provide time to find the post / article is relevant to be linked old.

7. Do I have to link the link to the page / blog / website as a reference or credits?
This is often warned by many bloggers and webmasters. Linking link from the post is a very good thing. But many feel because of a fear uncomfortable in SEO and in credibility. Especially for those who like raw copas, give the source link is the case for most bloggers copaser taboo. But to link external link means an action that professional, responsible, and enhance credibility because it has many sources of reference and to learn many things. In the case of SEO, there is no link to link external danger linked for true and accurate position. Thus to increase the visibility of a new article.

If a man makes posting and use a trusted reference, you need to link to link out (outbound link) for enriching the content of this post and as a reference tool and form of attribution (credits). Readers get more from the reference value, the reference material are presented. There are many knowledge base that can be taken from Wikipedia, for example, to link. Or there are also many references from other blogs is important and can be seen as the reference without having to “take” the whole article. Visitors will love articles that are rich reference and respect put on credibility built by the author. Be sure to use the right anchor text and descriptive. Avoid the use of poor anchor text like “click here”, “click here”, “go”, etc…

8. Do I have to make sure all links are linked to the truth?
Sometimes because of a hurry, the URL is written wrong or has characters that are less or advantage. For example, when write http://buka-rahasia.blogspot.com, sometimes I write with http://buka-rahasia.blogspot.co confused, and this is a fatal error in the URL because the page does not exist. Also make sure that all links lead to pages linked to the truth.

9. What is the post I have enriched the picture?
If “a picture is worth a thousand words” why not try to use pictures to explain something? If indeed those visitors will find it more helpful to the picture when studying a tutorial, procedures, processes, etc., consider the use of pictures. Sometimes images are more easily digested than words. For example, if you can make infographic, attach to the article, or at least do not use screenshots from the process or tutorials is to be served.

10. What I’m automating the permalink / URL posting?
Some blogging platforms like WordPress allows user to edit the permalink, either in the name of the file (the rear) and the permalink structure (with url rewrite), so the user can easily replace or change the posting url that has been published without any restrictions. But in Blogger, direct url is formed after the post is published and cannot be edited anymore. Already limited amount of character (listen limitations blogger account and platform). This is a very significant weakness in effect. Therefore, make sure before publishing a post, look at the title before posting that url / permalink clean, descriptive, and contain the desired keywords. Read: Optimization Permalink Blogger.

11. When do I need to publish / post blog articles?
While this is considered less significant, publishing posts at any given time will influence the initial traffic after article is published. The amount of traffic on a new article will allow readers sharing can be done in advance, so that content in social media and the share website / other blogs are still fresh. Dude is definitely not a masterpiece like articles that have been made not directly readable by all users and requires a long time to reach the target audience. I used to publish articles on the noon hour 1, afternoon, or night before at 9. Because in these moments a lot of online and “roam” in social media. I tend to avoid posting on the issue of holidays, because the number of visitors expected to decrease significantly the internet. Perhaps the man has time passes that must be studied and determined.

Yap! You have additional questions other than 11 on any questions? Feel free to add yours via the comment from below. :)

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