A Burning Touch Of Love – Love Poem

A Burning Touch Of Love
by Lourdes S.

A Burning Touch OF Love

My love,
Are you still mine?
‘Cause there are many…
Fantasy thoughts going through my head,
As all I do is think of you…
As I’ve hungered,
For your loving burning touch,
As I need your love so badly,
Now till the end of time,
I am waiting for you with open arms
To embrace you with wings of love,
To hold you deep within my soul,
To kiss you without control.
Just being near you,
And be able to behold your touch,
Takes me to another dimension,
But, time just moving so slowly,
To feel the heat of your passions.
I do want you to know…
I will always love you,
That you are all I have ever long for,
And crave, and yearn…
That you are the man of my dreams,
The one I have searched all my life,
That every day, more and more,
I’m falling deeply in love with you!

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