I am Rafaqat Ali from Pakistan. I am a blogger and Social Media experter. I made this blog for share my knowledge and experience with online internet users. In this blog you can see Tech, Poetry, Entertainment,  Cool Stuff, Social Media, SMS and much more…. If you have any question related to me, feel free to contact me at sadaqatloveads@gmail.com.

4 Responses to About

  1. musa says:

    Hello where can I send you my resume?

  2. Eliane Berno says:

    Hello Dear!

    I have a suggestion for your blog.

    I have many Pakistani friends, like you, but I realize that they do not know about my country Brazil, how about bringing a bit of information?!

    Oh and I would love it ….

    And you can count on me for any information ok!!

  3. ILLL University of Delhi (India)) says:

    We want to use one of your image for academic purpose (non-commercial use) at ILLL University of Delhi (India), therefore we need copyright permission for the same. URL of the Image is given below:


  4. admin says:

    Okay, you can do that but don’t forgot to get back link. :P

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