Birdcatcher And Turtles

Bird Catcher And Turtles

You can work hard together property, but not greedy. Moreover, if the torment of others. Greed should be distinguished by intelligence and spirit to work to get rich quick. When you think about and want something more, which is not your right, especially with the torment of others, then you get to be greedy. Satisfied at the beginning, but always return to the greedy.

Tortoise are good friends with the peacock. Coincidentally, the peacocks live in a tree located on the outskirts of the river where the turtles live. Every day the tortoise met with peacocks down to drink and buckling wings at the edge of the river to cheer the turtle.

In one day the less fortunate, wild bird catchers were roaming around their homes, and immediately attracted to the beautiful peacocks. Peacocks caught and brought to market for sale. On the way to the market, peacocks are applying to the captors to return for a moment allowed to use say goodbye to good friends. Because tortoises rapids far they have not left, then the catcher fulfilled the request of the peacock with bringing it back to where the tortoise.

The turtle saw his friend who was arrested sad thought. So come see the bird catcher with his friend, the turtle immediately think quickly to free the peacock in the short run it. The tortoise asked the bird catcher, if the tortoise can give special goods for him, whether he will release his friend.

Without long thought the bird catcher confirmed the offer turtle. So the tortoise Dive to the bottom of the river and bring up a very beautiful pearl. Birdcatcher immediately impressed and easily release the peacocks. Immediately the bird catcher went into town to sell the pearls.

But not long after the bird catcher again found the tortoise. He threatened turtle, asked to find pearls exactly the first pearl. If not, he will recapture the peacock, the best companions.

The tortoises, which has asked the peacock to go to the woods to use to save himself, felt should give lessons on these greedy people. But the tortoise was the request to take the bird catcher and said, “well, give it to me until the pearls I can find the exact same as diving in the river”.

Reflected the benefits to be an achievement to accomplish, bird catchers deliver pearls. Immediately after entering the river, the turtle called him, “I am not stupid to give you two free pearl”. Turtle diving and swimming away from the river while the bird catcher can only wonder can not catch the tortoise and never get a good return catch pearls and peacock.

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