Breaking News, PML-N Ousts PPP Ministers From Punjab

According to sources as well as Geo Tv Islamabad: Pakistan Muslim League-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has announced to oust PPP ministers from the Punjab cabinet after inconclusive talks with the government on implementation on PML-N 10-point agenda, Geo News reported on Friday.

This was announced in a press conference following a crucial meeting of PML-N central committee and other members in Islamabad.

In the meeting Ishaq Dar, chairman of the dialogue committee constituted for dialogue with the government, briefed the participants of the meeting on the progress on implementation on the agenda. Nawaz Sharif alleged that President Zardari wanted to give constitutional status to Nov 03 measures of former President Gen Pervaiz Musharraf (retd).

He further said that government did not accept the independent judiciary with open heart.

President Zardari had promised to reinstate the judges in 24 hours but failed to fulfill his promise, Nawaz said added that judiciary could be restored on the very first day of the government. He charged that corruption is being protected today.

Nawaz Sharid added that the Supreme Court is trying to bring this menace to an end.

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