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The Power Of Facebook Advertising Infographic: True or False?

Facebook Marketers team have published an interesting infographic (no, really interesting!) About the power of advertising to Facebook. After listening to the head of regular raises two questions: First, why is Facebook infographics, and secondly as far as it is … Continue reading

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These are the Main Rules When Dating in Your Social Network

Today social networking provides a range of facilities to support the comfort and pride to have their personal accounts. One is the information about a person’s relationship status. Not a few people who use social networking as a means of … Continue reading

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Now, You Can Tweet Your Video on Twitter!

Twitter seems to rival Facebook in terms of creating the unique features in their services. This time, the micro blogging social network launched “Vine”. As reported by Mashable (25/1), Vine is a feature of the new mobile services issued Twitter … Continue reading

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