Dangers of Sleep Deprivation – Be Careful

Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is a necessity and a signal that the body needs time to rest. When you sleep, all parts of the body naturally repair or regeneration of cells from the inside. Your body produces the hormone cortisol is active during sleep, the hormone that makes you more fresh and free from fatigue on waking.

Difficulty sleeping disorders can you experience by anyone. Many factors that cause lack of sleep. It may be that you had no sleep because of busyness that requires you to spend the night to finish a stack of tasks. Or it could be that you used to stay up and spend a few hours to sleep.

Whatever your reason, lack of sleep is not good for health. There are some dangers you should know.

Body Endurance Downhill:

As already presented in the previous paragraph, sleep is in the process of cell regeneration. When you lack sleep, your immune system automatically weakened. Your body will easily attacked by viruses that even mild, flu and cough for example. Even if you manage your diet, without offset quality sleep, your immune system will not prime.

Trigger Obesity And Diabetes:

Habit of staying up late and sleep deprivation result in a disruption of blood sugar levels and leptin production. Leptin is a hormone that is useful to suppress appetite. If you’re short on sleep, the body will not produce leptin. This is what causes you often hungry when staying up late or hungry in the afternoon.

When this happens, you tend to choose snacks that contain a lot of glucose, fat, and carbohydrates. Thus, the body will accumulate these substances and disrupt blood sugar levels, giving you more susceptible to diabetes. Obesity is also a side effect of unhealthy food selection due to declining hormone leptin.

Unstable Emotions And Hard Thinking:

Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep can lower stress levels, many studies that prove it. Lack of sleep will make your brain not getting enough rest rations. Your body also experience fatigue because they do not have a natural repair occurs during sleep. This of course will lead you into depression due to fatigue. Your emotions become unstable and your concentration will decrease. You will find it hard to think and solve problems, even for the most minor problems though. You may even become easy senile and reckless lack of sleep.

A terrible impact on health will target you if you continue to ignore the lack of quality sleep and sleep. Go to bed when it’s time to rest. With the body healthy and well rested, you are free to move throughout the day.

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