Earth Day Around the World

Earth Day Around the World

Vermont, United States

During this time, to get the best flavor, the restaurant owners do import the raw materials of food from different countries. But now, it did not happen again in Vermont. Yes, they take raw materials from local farmers. Inspiring, right?


To celebrate Earth Day, the streets emptied and filled with musical performances, theater, and a wide range of themed educational exhibits. He called out again; many people deliberately use a variety of animal costumes, carrying flags and banners with the words the things that are loaded with saving the environment!

Virginia, United States

Canteens in primary school to secondary menu intentionally reducing meat, and to provide more vegetables, fresh fruit, whole wheat bread, plus low fat milk. In fact, in each menu also listed the calories, while. What a Clever idea to start a healthy living, for kids.


The White Elephant in the state, hundreds of thousands of monks from the thousands of temples share the peace of the soul and mind. Led by a monk, they do a mass meditation. This is a sacred tradition that routinely takes place each on 22 April to commemorate Earth Day.


Thousands of children have to use the bike rally, carrying banners and posters that read the call to care and love within. After that, they also make a short drama about the environment. Well honey, you can definitely learn from those children.

Earth Hour in 134 Countries

Well, for this one, Indonesia has opted for the third time since the year 2009. Millions of people are en masse off the lights and other electronic equipment for an hour on the last Saturday of March, at 20:30 to 21:30 local time. A form of real effort and concern to save our beloved earth. Super cool!

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