Extend Your Ufone Solid Offer Package

After the expiring Ufone Solid Offer people can’t subscribe. If you are already subscribed, even then this offer expired, here is a method to extend Ufone Solid Offer package.

How to Extend Ufone Solid Offer package?

If you already subscribed in Ufone Solid Offer then you can extend your package to another month,i.e till 5th March 2010. Simply write message Y and send it to 4155. Ufone charge Rs. 23.90 including taxes. This tip is beneficial till 5th March 2010, after March no word yet on what will happen. Due to Solid Offer Ufone created the demand in people.

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2 Responses to Extend Your Ufone Solid Offer Package

  1. khurram says:

    hello plz extend this package more plz
    its a gud package
    we really like his package.
    i will be very thankfull to u.

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