Facebook is Going to be Banned in Pakistan – Breaking News

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After clear discrimination of Facebook for not banning blasphemous Fan Page, Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom has directed PTA to ban Facebook in Pakistan, told us sources close to authority.

A reliable source, who is in direct contact with Secretary MoIT, told ProPakistani that ministry has issued the directive to PTA to ban said blasphemous content in the country….

Ministry of Information Technology directs PTA for banning any URL or whole of website in case of any inappropriate content available on it.

It is yet to be ascertained if the whole Facebook will be banned or just a single URL will be filtered. In both the situations, step is inline with thousands of Facebook users and according to their urge of boycotting Facebook on May 20th.

It merits mentioning here that a Everybody Draw Muhammad Day Fan Page on Facebook is encouraging its members to draw Prophet Mohammad’s drawings (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa-aal-hi-Wasallam).

Despite thousands of requests, Facebook didn’t put this page down even it violated Facebook’s own terms of services. Spread this post as you can so that facebook take action about that hateful page.

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42 Responses to Facebook is Going to be Banned in Pakistan – Breaking News

  1. Fatima Khalid says:

    This is really a good step of our government to bann facebook. I totally n completely agreed to this n support it…..This action must be done as soon as possible….

  2. humayoun farooqi says:

    Pakistani govt. should do this and they should also record their protest to the facebook as a prove of a responsible muslim state. Other islamic countries should ban facebook also so that no other website could dare to do such an action. Pakistani govt. should constantly monitor for such contents and they should take suitable and immediate actions on them.

    May Allah lead us and them to the straight path

  3. Adeel says:

    yes.. Govt.. and PTA speciall ban the FaceBook overall.. Im in.. this is wrong the Zionist are used these entertainment website to insult the other religious believes.. And effort is Quite much humiliating for the Muslims.. i think they are testing us that how far we can go… so i requested all The Muslim Brothers and sister, this time we should give them the Maximum so that they wont be able to do such an activities again..

  4. anne says:

    i m in favor of pak govt’s step to ban that blasphemous fan page. its a highly appreciatable step by our govt..v muslims r proud of our religion and v love our prophet muhammad(p.b.u.h)n v never allow any one to attack on him….

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