Final Score – Fifa World Cup 2010 Winner

90-minute was not enough to decide the FIFA 2010 World Cup Football winner. Both Spain and Netherlands were not able to score within the 90 minutes of play in the World Cup Football 2010 final at Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg.

World Cup 2010 Day 27 and Spain beat Netherlands 1 to 0 during extra time emerging as the winner of FIFA World Cup 2010! It is the first time Spain has won the World Cup.

About 85,000 live audiences at Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg and more than 500 million viewers across the World are becoming the part of the grand finale of the 19th Edition of World Cup Football. World Cup Football is one of the most watched TV program in worldwide.

Second place goes to Netherlands, third place goes to Germany and fourth place goes to Uruguay.

FIFA World Cup 2014 will take place in Brazil from 13th June 2014 to 13th July 2014 and that makes Brazil auto quality for the 2014 World Cup!

Brazil is 11 hours behind Singapore, so if a match is at 8.30pm, it will be 7.30am in Singapore! Guess many people will have to take leave as it is during office hours!

The lugubrious Vicente del Bosque, Spain’s coach, who asks the country’s regions to “unite” in the style of his team, will not guarantee a rare smile if his men win. He said: “My joy is on the inside.” His team’s joy is all around.

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5 Responses to Final Score – Fifa World Cup 2010 Winner

  1. n8r says:

    We have an infallible oracle and have only used it for World Cup, go figure

  2. PsychicPaul says:

    I wonder if Paul the Octopus could accurately determine when BP will plug the leak – No one else seems able

  3. ugg boots uk says:

    I agree it is very well done. Glad you found it useful.

  4. Madie Showen says:

    Great competition. I’m glad that the spanish eventually won their first trophy. sure Casillas saving on Robben at the 82nd minute helped a lot but overall I enjoyed this match. Holland were overwhelmingly not deserving to win, with so many yellow cards, not including Heitinga’s red one. Now is turn for the brazilian journey in 2014!

  5. Alva Beacom says:

    Read it, and I’ll implement it for sure.