Future Mobile Concept – Nokia 888 by Tamer Nakisci

Nokia 888 mobile is designed by Tamer Nakisci for Nokia mobile company. The main advantage of Nokia 888 is mold. You can bend and mold it to make your own shape and choice.

Nokia 888 is a personal mobile communication device which lets you be free and fun. It is light, simple and carefree. You can change its form according to your needs during the day. for more information about Nokia 888 visit www.nokia888.com

Nokia 888 mobile is still in development so it may take a few year to complete.

Technology Used in Nokia 888 Mobile

  • Liquid Battery
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Flexible Touch Screen
  • Speech Recognition technology

Main Features in Nokia 888

  1. Alarm Clock
  2. PDA
  3. GPS
  4. Phone
  5. Push email Receiver
  6. Digital Wallet

See her Nokia 888 more 6 Photos & Video……

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  1. Ludivina Tscrious says:

    Awesome photos! I appreciate the post so much! xoxo

  2. Kisha Welter says:

    OK good to see- informed blogs are always welcome! Peace.

  3. Alberto Chanthasene says:

    “Hrmm that was weird, my remark obtained eaten. Anyhow I wished to say that it is nice to find out that an additional person furthermore talked about this as I had bother discovering the similar info elsewhere. This was the first place that instructed me the reply. Thank you.”