How To Combine Multiple RSS Feeds

You know what is RSS Feed?
RSS Feed stands for Really Simple Syndication; various XML file formats used on the internet for syndicating information and providing news feeds.  It comprises a series of web feed formats that are often used in publishing information across the Internet. These formats can include, but are not limited to, blogs (web log journals), news headlines and stories, and also audio and video. What makes feeds so important to the exchange of information across the Internet is that it standardizes the format. In other words, when using an feed to publish content, it’s safe to know that subscribers will be able to read or view the content put forth.

More and more internet users are getting familiar with the concept of RSS feeds and its uses. This has resulted in number of online and offline services to help in better RSS Management. Feedburner and Feeblitz lead the way in RSS Management services.

How To Combine Multiple RSS Feeds?

Combining RSS feeds is sometimes useful for managing RSS Feeds. Yahoo Pipes is a great tool for merging RSS feeds, and doing mashups with a bunch of RSS feeds. If you are not comfortable with Yahoo Pipes check out FeedMingle, it is the easiest way to merge RSS feeds in to one.

Combine RSS Feeds

FeedMingle takes multiple feeds and combines into one, the output is generated in RSS, Atom, JSON and a as html widget. The RSS Feed works fine in Google Reader but a major drawback is that it won’t tell you the source of the feed. If you merge several feeds this is going to be a mess. Another thing is that it won’t allow you to see full RSS feed, it truncates the feed automatically even the original feed you merged is full.

If you need to a quick solution to merge feeds use FeedMingle, otherwise there is always Yahoo Pipes which is far better and offers lot of control.

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