How to Connect Stereo With Your MP3 Player, Mobile Phone or Computer

Many people wonder if it is possible to link their technology gadgets to your stereo? Believe it or not, but you can attach your gear to almost any stereo systems, the few where this is not the really cheap kind that do not have RCA inputs.

How do you do to relax:

What you need to connect your MP3 player, PC or such cell phone is a 3.5mm-<2xRCA adapter cord. Then you must have a spare input on your amplifier. All inputs except phono works well. It can be a tape, aux, CD input or why not VCR1. On your computer where you usually put in your headphones, put instead of 3.5mm2 connector from the adapter cord. In the second selected=”selected” input on the stereo, put in the RCA connectors. Then, just to start your technology gadget and select the correct source on the stereo to get going. Remember that the volume of such an MP3 player are usually lower than from a CD player, so you may need to increase the volume more than is usual.

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