How To Enable Right Click On A Website

Sometime we are unable to right click on web site. This is done so that we can’t steal images, file, video, or any other website’s data. But sometime we need extremely that file without any profit or bad intention. Now I have a solution how to enable right click in that condition.

Enable Right Click in Internet Explorer6 & 7

-Click “Tools”->”Internet Options”
-Click the “Security” tab.
-Click “Custom Level”
-Scroll down to the “scripting” section.
-Set “Active Scripting” to “disable” (Active scripts are programs written in Javascript)
-Click “Ok”. Restart your internet browser.
Note: This will disable the JavaScript from being rendered by your Internet Explorer browser which would mean the right click disable’s script in the website will not work anymore.

Enable Right Click in Mozilla Firefox

-Go to “Tools”
-Click on Options
-Click on Content Tab
-Untick enable JavaScript

Note: Please don’t use copyright content for your site. It may be harmful for you.

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