How to Face Intimidation in the Office

How to Face Intimidation in the Office

Bullying does not only occur in the teenage years and performed in schools, even when you have adult status and are working on a company, bullying can occur. Intimidation can include harassment in the form of a rant and swear, even the unpleasant behavior that leads to physical violence. Typically, this happens to an employee intimidation that still a junior and has a young age.

Interfere with work? Surely, you will not be able to focus on the job if the victim of bullying in the office. Do not rush to resign or submit a written request return the same attitude of intimidation, especially if you still like the job. All you have to do is to face intimidation by a professional way.

1. Confront him!

Before you report acts of intimidation on the boss or the human resources department, do the four-eye conversations with him that often intimidate you. Let him know that his actions greatly affect your performance and insist that he stop doing the bullying. It could be your co-workers assumed it was just a bluff funny, leave it alone. Because when you report acts of intimidation on the boss, make sure your boss knows that you have talked to the bully directly.

2. His crime Track Record

Before you make a formal complaint to the supervisor or the human resources department, make sure you have recorded all acts of intimidation or any rude actions. Write down when you are experiencing acts of intimidation, date, time, and the unpleasant action what you have experienced. Also take note of any witnesses who saw the incident. Save a copy of it in written or digital form as evidence to file an official report.

3. Report On Tops

If you are reporting acts of intimidation was the boss, then the report in accordance with the flow hierarchy. Report this to the supervisor in advance before you report to senior management or the human resources department. Make sure your boss knows that you still love a job in the company, only acts of intimidation that often you receive makes you become unfocused work.

But if the bully is your boss, direct report on the human resources department. Remember, you must have strong evidence that your employer has committed a criminal intimidation, also include the evidence (as noted in point 2) that amplifies your report. Wait how the responses and actions taken by the human resources department and management.

4. Ask the Legal Aid Institute

Once you’ve reported, the company can not take action on the report you asked, you can request assistance through legal channels (assuming that you already have strong evidence for the acts of intimidation that you receive). You can consult in advance if you receive incoming intimidation in employment protection legislation.

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