How to Put The Links in The Horizontal Menu

How to edit the links of some of the horizontal menu templates
Blogspot is a very popular free blogging place for all the world. Mostly people are using the blogger service and get much benefit from it. Now today I want to tell you How to put the links in the horizontal menu. You can easily put the links in your blog. Details are below:
How to edit the links of some of the horizontal menu templates:

Note: Do not forget to replace your link with #
<div id=’navigation’>
<li> <a href=’#’ title=’ Page’> Home </ a> </ li>
<li> <a href=’#’ title=’Articles’> Articles </ a> </ li>
<li> <a href=’#’ title=’Photos’> Photos </ a> </ li>
<li> <a href=’#’ title=’Links’> Links </ a> </ li>
<li> <a href=’#’ title=’Forum’> Forum </ a> </ li>
<li> <a href=’#’ title=’Other Sites’> Other Sites </ a> </ li>
<li> <a href=’#’ title=’About’> About </ a> </ li>
<li> <a href=’#’ title=’Contact’> Contact </ a> </ li>
</ Ul>
</ Div>
This way:
<li> <a href=’#’ title=’Articles’> Articles </ a> </ li>
Example of how to edit:
<li> <a href=’’ title=’Poetry’> Poems </ a> </ li>
Where is # , you can put the address of any given page of your blog, some marker or any external page.
Where’s Title , place a short description of the link or the name of it: it only appears when you place the cursor over the linkĀ and among its <a href=””> and </ a> you put the ‘name’ link, which will appear to your visitors.
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