Late Night Packages Banned By Punjab Assembly

Yesterday on 2nd February 2010 Punjab Assembly imposed a ban of late night packages offered by the cellular companies in Punjab. Punjab Assembly members said that these late night packages having the negative impacts on the youth specially students. So after the 1 and half hour with strong arguments between the members of Punjab Assembly, a resolution was passed unanimously to restrict these late night packages.

Pakistani people knows that all cellular companies like Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, Warid are offering attractive late night offers that quite popular in youth. These packages have some positive impacts but our youth going to negative impacts which increase day by day.

Punjab Assembly asked cellular companies to stop offering these late night packages as soon as possible. We appreciate Punjab Assembly decision to restrict late night packages offer. I hope our Pakistani people come to the positive use of mobiles instead of negative.

News in Urdu:

Late Night Packages

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3 Responses to Late Night Packages Banned By Punjab Assembly

  1. Omeer Zia says:

    The Punjab Assembly has passed this bill through which telecom
    companies would be requested to take back their late night packages
    offered to their customers. The Lady MPA who presented this bill in
    the assembly was not right in her idea. I contradict with it. The
    facilities are not always either right or wrong. Their usage makes it
    right or wrong. For instance, a huge variety of Porn Sites are
    available on the web which is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the
    world. For the such reason, should we also block the internet service
    in Pakistan as this may spoil our young generation? No! We should be
    guided the right way of the usage of the facilities we are provided in
    this world which has become a global village because of these
    facilities. I request honorable Ms. MPA to review her idea.

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  3. Joanne Passley says:

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