Lovely Poem – Do I Love You?

The real love means “Have a great affection or liking for”. Today I am going to share love poem with the name of “Do I Love You”. This poem written by By Nichola Pearce. Please appreciate if you like.

Do I Love You?

I could say the words “I love you”
But would they mean a thing?
Would you get down on one knee
And offer me a ring?
Would you put me on a pedestal
For everyone to see?
Would you shout my name from every hill
To show that you’re with me?
Would it aid your insecurities
To know you had my heart?
Would it make you miss me more
Whenever we’re apart?
Would it truly make you know
What I’m feeling deep inside?
Would you think it was the truth
Or would you think that I had lied?
Those words get tossed about so much
How will you know they’re real?
So just place your hand upon my heart
And tell me what you feel

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