Make It Even Worse Vent

Make It Even worse vent

Women’s is famous for its habit of telling everything to her friend. Ranging from happy to sad thing it shared with friends. But guess what, this is not always good for you. Most women actually feel worse after recounting all the problems to her friend, especially if the friend is also experiencing the same problem.

Quoted from dailymail, researchers from the University of Missouri held a number of tests in adolescent girls and found that the problem is their tendency to tell a friend make the mind more than it should be taken. Dwell on the problems that keep them stuck in negative patterns of thinking, which leads to depression and stress, so obviously psychiatric expert.

Sharing a problem is to make someone feel relieved and gave a reaction in the brain as well as taking heroin, but if you keep talking about this issue then someone will get stuck in depression. When someone in the anxiety and stress, more and more people talk about the problem then it sunk in grief and tend not to seek a solution to solve the problem.

Linda Papadopoulos, a psychologist explains, talking about our problems with friends is good, we can get support, but if that does is tell and to promote an event or problem without finding a solution, then this will only make you more depressed again. Often instead we become lost grip, especially if friends are invited to share the experience the same problem and are both only told of the problems without looking for a meaningful solution.

So, when you’re depressed and anxious to share with others, be sure to limit yourself so as not to over-indulgence in grief and your suffering. Simply tell us what happened and ask your friends you think to find a solution.

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