New Work Rules (What You Need to Know)

New Work Rules (What You Need to Know)

Arrive at the office on time and be a diligent worker is not enough. In order to truly succeed in work, there are things you need to know. You know not many people know about it.

MSNBC broadcaster, Mika Brzezinski, is one of the few women who successfully reached the highest career in television. Through the book Knowing Your Values: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth, he will share his career experiences in the form of practical tips to you on how to become the best in the workplace, and use it to ask for a raise …. !

Do not be Afraid of Getting People Upset

When the meeting the boss asked him about a project that never finished, well … Try to be honest and say that you’re the fellow who worked very slowly. Hesitate? Awkward? Yes. But no need to apologize to him after the meeting finished. If your co-workers were upset and hold a grudge – let it go. In fact it is quite clear, he was negligent in carrying out its responsibilities, and you tell the boss is the reality of the matter. “I often attend meetings with many people, and I learned that by being open, honest, and provide an answer that is logical and not emotional would make my career more shot,” said Mika.

Show me your achievement, then Ask Salaries Up

Face the boss to ask for a salary increase is something that, well, definitely less comfortable. Do not believe it? Ask Mika. He never did when I was working at CBS and lead to termination of employment. And he learned that there are important a thing that must be prepared to succeed in their “mission” is: LIST. “Write a list of about achieving whatever you do, how long it will take to complete the work, and the profits of the company. Find out about the benefits and what is gained by others and achieving the same in other companies, “said Mika. Bring this list against your boss, and then express your desire to earn a salary in accordance with your values. No need emotional if an agreement is not reached. Just use the list to update your resume, and wait until there is an opportunity and a more attractive offer elsewhere. Course to date arrived, you still have to be professional and work as possible in the present work.

Leave Coworkers in Office

“What you have in the office is a colleague. Get familiar with that word, “said Mika.”They are not your friend. In a tough industry, and competitive stress, not many people that can become a friend. “You do not have to spend hours chatting on Blackberry Messenger, a favorite hangout in the coffee shop, or gossiping over lunch with colleagues. Try and feel how productive you are in one week. And the best part? You’ll have plenty of time to spend with your friends the truth. Yup, they are always accompanied, even when you’re not having a job.

Remember! Business is Business, No Personal Affairs

Your colleagues are believed to lead a fairly large prestigious projects, while you’re at all, is not involved in his team. Wait until I got home to call BFF and vent your frustration. If necessary, go into the backyard and yell at full speed. But remember, tomorrow is the day that is completely new. “Do not let the annoyance as it meets your head,” says Mika. “Little things like that often we have accumulated in the mind and the edges are even disrupting our concentration on the job.” Focus on your responsibility as well as possible. I am sure, if you work with the maximum, without any of the boss to lead the project will definitely see your good performance.

Make Yourself Exist

“Do you need to scream like a man slapping the table? No, “said Mika. But you need another way to proclaim your success. “Excited about the success of the work was reasonable. Send an e-mail notification to the boss about the targets you have achieved, or the deal is successful you get, “he advised. Make yourself the center of attention and not have to feel uncomfortable. So, whether it be an e-mail, or deliver your success to everyone at the meeting, be a motivator for yourself, and the boss will direct you to remember when it comes time promotion.

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