Replace Your Notepad With Notepad++ To Save Your Time

Everyone use Notepad specially Notepad++ which is found only in Office 2007. Now Notepad++ Portable version is available for all Windows.  It has all the same great features of Notepad++ including support for multiple languages and an extensive plug-in system, but there’s nothing to install. With the using of Notepad++  your time has saved.  Notepad++ is working like Notepad, MS-World, MS-Excel and Notebook.


Notepad++ Portable is a full-featured text editor with features like:

  • 1. Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding (C, C++, HTML, ASP, Java, Pascal, CSS and more)
  • 2. User Defined Syntax Highlighting
  • 3. Auto-completion
  • 4. Multi-Document
  • 5. Regular Expression Search/Replace supported
  • 6. Full Drag ‘N’ Drop supported
  • 7. Zoom in and zoom out
  • 8. Multi-Language environment supported
  • 9. Brace and Indent guideline Highlighting
  • 10. Macro recording and playback

Click here to Download Notepad++

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