Sad Poem Unhappy by Sun Shine

by Sun Shine

Against the force of the current,
Happiness I seek!
I search, look around, I stare yet suppress
For many expressions and images are hung on
each wall beside each step I fight to take.
Diving through the waves of this wide ocean,
Chasing happiness..
which may be true, yet may be fake.
I track not the safe side, for he who
Pursue for happiness, darkness he shall abide.

Nothing; comes not easily, nor can “nothing” be easily found.
Easy is but a word, with an illusory back ground.
And so waves I shall cross, miles I shall sail.
Mountains I shall move, if happiness is what I trail.

For as easy as a smile seems to me, a laughter shall never be.
Smiling brings you but joy of the moment,
yet a laughter sets you free!
And where freedom costs a lot, I wonder if I’ll ever
let go this unhappy sailor residing inside of me.

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