The U.S. Army Has Ordered A Drone Bombers

The U.S. Army Has Ordered A Drone Bombers

The U.S. Army has signed with AeroVironment a contract to supply ultra-portable unmanned aerial vehicles Switchblade. The contract price was 4.9 million dollars. According to a press release, AeroVironment, Switchblade UAV is an ultra light and compact device that can carry a charge of combat and self-destruct, hitting a given target. The new UAV provides transportation in a backpack and hand-launch military personnel in the field.

According to the manufacturer, Switchblade lets hit the intended target with great accuracy and can be used by the military to destroy enemy targets in the absence of artillery support. Because the unit is equipped with virtually silent electric motor, it can effectively engage targets without producing with his approach. In addition, the approach to a specified object UAV can disable the engine and continue the flight in a glider mode. Compute Module allows you to control drone moving vehicle like a managed, as well as offline. Target detection is carried out by means of video in real time.

In order to improve the efficiency of the machine designers made ​​it possible to cancel the current operational tasks of destruction. This option allows you to avoid self-destruction is not only the UAV in case of unexpected movement goals, but also accidental civilian casualties. According to a senior vice president of AeroVironment Tom Herring (Tom Herring), Switchblade can not only improve the intelligence component of the Army, but can be effective means of protection in combat conditions.

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