Tips for Preventing Child Bedwetting

Child Bedwetting

How to cope with children who are still wet? This one you can try! Problems experienced by children who still wet the bed most of the family. You definitely can not stand the smell of urine which is a breakfast menu every morning. Not to mention if the child has been through the toddler, then the former ompol in the mattress will expand.

Instead of drying the mattress you are tired every day and enjoy the aroma is not good in the morning, you should begin to teach your child about the discipline of urination at night. Patience and discipline is the key to prevent your child’s bedwetting every night. These are ways that you can try:

Reduce Fluid Consumption:

Trigger child bedwetting after sleep is much fluid intake into the body. To avoid feeling the urge to urinate, do not give your child any drink 1 hour before he slept. So he does not lack of fluids, make sure the day he was getting enough to drink to avoid dehydration.

Go to First Before Sleep Toilet:

It is a discipline to teach from an early age. Train your child to urinate before bed, can also be accompanied with a toothbrush before bedtime. Make this a routine for your child can not help being ‘dying’ pee after he’s asleep.

Focus On Function Toilets:

Instead of always scold the child each time caught bedwetting, just focus on the importance of using the toilet at night. If he woke up at midnight because of ‘dying for’ pee, tell him what he should do. Of course he had to do is go to the toilet, not wetting his bed.

Toilet Clean And Close:

Sometimes a small child afraid of the dark to the toilet. If your child is toilet in the room, just turn on the toilet so that the little light did not trouble the toilet lights when you wake up and urinate. If the toilet quite a distance, make the lighting dim and the lights always turn on the toilet at night. Make a toilet into a comfortable place, clean and fragrant.

Do not scare:

Small children are usually reluctant to go to the toilet because of fear with stories of ghosts and other scary stories, so he preferred being scolded because of bedwetting than urinating in the toilet in the middle of the night and met a ghost. Make sure that he did not get that creepy story. Besides not good for his psychological development, he can continue bedwetting because of fear.

Do the ways it patiently. If successful, then you and your family will wake up with inhaling the fresh morning air, not a urine smell ompol. Good luck!

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