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Today Facebook become a most popular social network in the world. With the increasing competition between facebook and other social networks spacial Google, Facebook launched a long-rumoured video calling in-collaboration with Skype like Google plus video chat. Facebook  have also announced group chat and a few other improvements to Messages. The video chat soon apply within some weeks.

Video Chat

How to Try Facebook Video Calling Now:

Follow the steps below to try out the new Facebook video calling feature:
Visit this page on Facebook, and click the Get Started button.
It will now ask you to set up for the first time.
Install the Facebook video calling app/plug-in that will pop up. Your friend will have to install as well.
Once it is installed you should now be ready to try out the new Facebook video calling feature with your friends!
If your friend doesn’t answer the video call or is unavailable, you can even record a video message and leave for him to see later.

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