Ufone Launched Blackberry Bold White

All telecoms operators offered portfolio of Blackberry phones. Ufone launched previously Blackberry Bold in black color. After the Blackberry Bold in Pakistan Ufone has now launched Blackberry Bold (9000) in pure White color. Its has a great move. Now Ufone become the first operator to offer this mobile in Pakistan. According to Ufone website:

After introducing the revolutionary BlackBerry® Bold™ 9000 smartphone to Pakistan, Ufone is proud to bring you the same BlackBerry Bold smartphone in pure white.

Make a bold style statement with your new white BlackBerry device that has all the dynamic features you’ve come to expect from a BlackBerry phone. So set yourself apart from the crowd, because this smartphone is as unique as U!

All details, specifications and featutres Blackberry Bold White can be found on the official website of Ufone.com. The phone is priced in the same range as the original Blackberry Bold i.e Rs45000

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