World’s Most Expensive Shoes

World's Most Expensive Shoes

Priced at hundreds of Thousands of dollars, these shoes Became the most expensive shoes in the world for now. What makes it expensive? When imagining an expensive shoe, maybe your mind will of drift into a casual shoe material, but bertahtakan number of expensive gemstones. Now has created shoes That Actually the most expensive in the world. Slightly different from your shadow, these shoes are not made ​​of ordinary materials. The entire shoe is made ​​of gold and studded with diamond edges, no material That casual shoe makers in these shoes.

With exorbitant precious main ingredient, these shoes cost 140 thousand pounds labeled, or the equivalent of U.S. $ 228,452. This idea was sparked by British jewelry designer, Christopher Michael Shellis, and made ​​by an expert team of wrought gold. Working with smelting and gold printing, the team must work with a temperature of More Than 1000oC. EACH pair of shoes made ​​of pure gold and diamonds Used the total number of acres in 2200 diamonds, with a total 30 carats.

If the Christian Louboutin shoes are worth around U.S. $ 2000, then these shoes are worth 100 times as much. No wonder if after launch five months ago, yet there was one pair of these shoes are sold to buy. Shellis reveals, the purpose of making this shoe is to create unique jewelry in the form, you cans Spend in the foot. In Archaeology, Shellis Also imagine, Thousands of years, if the shoe was found in the Excavation, it will of changed from a treasure Trove of shoes and moment in the history of phenomenal.

In order to popularize these shoes, They are curious can see it from near the most expensive shoes in the exhibition Artbox in the Mailbox, in Birmingham, the which will from today be opened, on 16 April. Hopefully after this exhibition, the most expensive shoe is soon to have the owner and hopefully it Immediately cans serve as ‘footwear’!

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